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Egyptian voices: Mohamad

Who I am

Name: Muhammad Ahmad El Khamaty

Age: 28 years

Work: Arabic language teacher


  • Bachelor's degree in Arabic language, literature and Islamic sciences from the Faculty of Dar Al Uloom, Minia University

  • General Diploma in Education, Faculty of Education, Kafr El-Sheikh University

  • Professional diploma in developing and planning curricula and teaching methods, Faculty of Education, Kafr El-Sheikh University

Now I am studying a master's degree in grammar, morphology and linguistic sciences, Faculty of Arts, Damanhour University.

And some online studies such as (Diploma in Business Administration from the Irish learning site Alison courses - A course in creating content from Wharton University of Pennsylvania - A course in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers from Edraak and different courses in both languages: English and Spanish)

What I do

I am now working as a teacher for the secondary and preparatory stages in Egypt

And I have students outside Egypt by online studying from different Arab countries.

I also worked with students in the specialization stage, i.e. university students, and I also trained teachers previously to work in the field of the Arabic language.

Why I do what I do

I like what I do because I feel it's a great message to teach others and making them ambitious and pushing them further to achieve something great.

One of my best achievements

I founded the Facebook page of Rashid city, because I very much like my city and I want other people to discover it, also want to help the citizens here to solve a lot of problems.

What I think about Europe

A great place, with a great future and freedom of life; it also has a great culture, I wish to travel there one day.

Art and culture for me is...

... a great thing as I feel stronger & more passionate once I've read a historical story from our ancestors in Egyptian and Arabic culture.

Sport makes me feel...

I like sports a lot & I play football & swimming. Also I like to watch football, especially my favourite clubs Alahly SC and Chelsea FC.

What I do dream of

One of my dreams: To be able to teach as many people as possible from different countries. One of my most important dreams is to reach all parts of the world and help many people understand the Arabic language and learn it in a simple and easy way, away from the complexities that made people fear the Arabic language and do not like to learn it.

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